Cox Communications

2020 - Present
family standing by a baseball player
Sports Consulting / Sponsorship Consulting / Creative & Production / Digital Marketing / Live Sports Experiences

Cox Communications wanted to engage fans by connecting them with sports heroes they love, but never thought they’d meet.

Getting athletes to meet and greet fans can be challenging during the playing season so Cox wanted to find a way to change that. The Cox Virtual Meet and Greet (VMG) is an interactive, eye-catching virtual experience that gives fans an opportunity to get closer to their favourite player and team. The Cox VMG experience lives across various stadiums in the USA.

Fans are virtually greeted by a player and given a choice to take a photo or video with them. At the end of the experience, fans receive their photo or video and are encouraged to share them on social media. The VMG launched with one team in 2017 and now executes across multiple stadiums with a combination of professional sports and NCAA teams.

sports cards with hockey players